by Tim Moore


Coco Gauff has taken the baton from the Willaims sisters with her first major tennis title. In the US Open win over hard hitting Aryna Sabalenka, Coco advances to # 3 in the tennis world. The victory came with a $3 million check.

After a first set loss of 6-2, Gauff mounted a remarkable comeback to win the 2ed set and then close it out with a 6-2 final set, This was the third time during the tournament that Coco started off a match with a first set loss. With an opponent like the power of Sabalenka, coming back to win 2 sets would not be likely. Yet that is exactly what she did.

Coco Gauff had to overcome not only the score but her self-doubts as well, especially after losing in the first rounds at Wimbledon earlier in the season. After that set back, she and her family hired coach and former player Brad Gilbert. He told her to relax, smile more and stop being down on herself. He told her that she was in a position that millions of people would love to be in. With that advice, she ran a string of 6 tournament victories culminating with the US Open..

With Serenas retirement and Venus’s aging out, some thought American tennis would hit a dead zone. However, with the emergence of Gauff, and Tiafoe, Sheldon on the men’s side, American tennis is in good hands. The American men have not had a winner in 20 years. There are high hopes for Francis Tiafoe

Were it not for the American female tennis players, the Eastern European women would dominate the game. But, this tiny fraction of American women are overrepresented in the win column of major tennis tournaments. As a matter of fact, each one of the William sisters have won more major than the entirety of the Asian countries combined, and they play tennis in Asis.

To see Coco run into the stands to find her Mom and Dan to hug and have a collective cry should be an inspiration to all. To see this product of a strong Black family is a good thing for all Americans.