HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Dunkin’ Park was packed Thursday, but not for baseball. Instead, it was for the first Black Business Expo, which put a spotlight on the area’s entrepreneurs.

The 60 companies involved included video production business and health-oriented groups.

For Jennifer Wilder, it was about instilling that spirit in her son while he is young. He didn’t get a car for his 16th birthday.

“We decided that for this kid, our firstborn, we are going to get him an LLC,” Wilder, who owns The Sto, said.

He took that gift and started a brand, Eatin.      

Many of the featured brands were about making people better. For Rise and Grind, that was being persistent.

“It is a Law of Attraction brand, do you think it, you believe it, and you do it,” said Tanoro Edwards.                

Seek Therapy is a therapist who uses games and cards to help people talk about their feelings.

“I come from a community that is overlooked, but rich in value, and rich in tradition,” said Maurice Eastwood. “Sometimes it might get a bad reputation for the people in it, but the community and the love we feel for each other is transparent.”

More expos are planned for the stadium to commemorate Black History Month.